BJFF 2017: "39 Pounds of Love"

Date: March 10, 2017
Location:  Show map
The Boedecker Theater
2590 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303.444.7328

Dani Menkin in Person

The Boulder Jewish Film Festival is proud to present Menkin’s first film as well as his two latest. The Israeli Academy Award winning filmmaker made a promising debut in 2005 with "39 Pounds of Love." Written, produced and directed by Menkin, the film has been sold to HBO, and was short listed for the Oscars. His latest feature film "Is That You?" (2014) found success at several International Film Festivals, such as Hollywood, Montreal, Haifa and Syracuse, the 28th Israel Film Festival in LA, and at Jewish Film Festivals across the US. It has also won "Best Indie Film of the Year" award (2014), and has been nominated for the "Best Film of the Year" award (2014) by the Israeli Academy. Currently the film is opening in cinemas across Israel.

Dani Menkin's 2011 award winning film Dolphin Boy (BJFF 2013) was sold to over 20 countries around the globe, and has been bought by Disney for a fiction adaptation. Menkin also wrote, produced and directed the award-winning film "Je T'aime - I Love You Terminal" (2010), one of the most successful independent feature films in Israeli cinema. In 2005 Menkin created "Hey Jude Productions." You can visit the independent film production site at Hey Jude Productions.


His friends think of him as just one of the guys. Ami Ankilewitz, who is 34 and weighs 39 pounds due to a rare form of MS, may face severe physical limitations – he only has control of one finger – but he refuses to live a limited life. Defying expectations and the odds, Ami and friends set off on a road trip across the US in search of the doctor who predicted his early demise. Ami is terrific company, funny, bitter at times, but alive to every moment. Inspirational and humorous, “39 Pounds of Love” asks searching questions about personhood, and asks us to reconsider what makes life worth living. The Carpe Diem theme resonates through Menkin’s later films.

Director in Person

Friday | March 10 | 2 pm
$12 in advance | $15 at the door
in the Boe

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Dani Menkin is fond of the road movie, as many filmmakers before him have been, as an apt metaphor for a search for meaning, a flight toward understanding in which the destination is never as important as the journey itself.  In his second feature film, Menkin combines the odd-couple buddy road movie genre with a story tinged with remorse about roads not taken. Ronnie, an Israeli projectionist (hence a romantic) fired at 60, visits New York in hopes of finding the woman who got away. A young filmmaker adopts this rueful stranger, and together they set about shaking off regret (the subject of her film within the film) and embracing the moment. Israeli superstar Alon Aboutboul “London Has Fallen,”, “Dark Knight Rises") inhabits the role of reluctant Romeo with wit and a sort of helpless fish out of water charm. Filmed in English, “Is That You?” reflects an expansive world view found in Menkin’s earlier films. Here, however, he finds excitement in the tiny moments of serendipity and human connection.

Director in Person

Friday | March 10 | 4 pm
$12 in advance | $15 at the door
in the Boe

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