BJFF 2017: "Jerry Lewis: The Man Behind the Clown"

Date: March 12, 2017Time: 4:00 pm
Location:  Show map
The Boedecker Theater
2590 Walnut Street
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: (303) 440-7826

Turning 90, with a new film in the works, Jerry Lewis reflects on a lifetime of laughs, decades of gags, goofy faces and pratfalls, an obsession to perform, and a personal mission to do good in the world. (Tikkun Olam). Beginning with his career-making partnership with soused comic/crooner Dean Martin, the film follows Lewis as he turns director and aspires to greater heights. American audiences and critics, however, have long had a love-hate relationship with Lewis. Meanwhile, France hails him as a comic genius. Director Gregory Monro presents the evidence for his reputation as a seminal film artist and enduring comic, offering a fair appraisal of Jerry Lewis as an artist and as a humanitarian. By sitting down to chat with the man behind the persona, we are invited to draw our own conclusions. Is Lewis an unappreciated master or a dated, one-note, simple-minded comedian? No doubt he influenced film comedy for generations. Certainly Adam Sandler owes a debt to Lewis, and today’s cinema is still chock full of his prototypes: the nebbish, the klutz and the no-goodnik.

Sunday | March 12 | 2 pm
$12 in advance | $15 at the door
in the Boe

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