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Mission to Cuba Participants Return Home - And Share Their Stories!

A group of 23 travelers share their stories from Menorah's maiden group tour, exploring the long, rich, and complex history of Jewish life in Cuba. Follow personal trip highlights from participants in an ongoing "Memories of Cuba" series in Boulder Jewish News:

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Memories of Cuba: Tom Trager
23 Boulderites returned this week from their Menorah-led mission to Cuba. BJN is pleased to present Tom Trager’s report on the trip. Read more in BJN...

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Memories of Cuba: Kathryn Bernheimer
Menorah took 23 people to Cuba, and they came back loaded with happy memories. Read more in BJN... Trip/Susan-Litt-at-Forts-Guarding-Havana-Harbor-300x225.jpg

Memories of Cuba: Susan Litt
Menorah board president Susan Litt shares her personal experience of the recent Jewish mission to Cuba. Read more in BJN...

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