Jewish Values at Cherryvale Day Camp

Cherryvale Day Camp aims to continue the Boulder JCC Preschool's philosophy of developing a positive Jewish identity through experiences. While our camp is open to everyone, all of our programs and activities are based in Jewish values. 

With all of our programming and activities, we aim to follow these seven values, which come from Jewish tradition, but are universal to all. 

JOURNEY/Masa - מסע
Reflection, Return & Renewal
In order to move forward in a meaningful way, we must reflect upon the past. Our travels are more important than the destination.

DIVINE IMAGE/Tzelem Elokim - צלם אלוקים
Dignity & Potential of Each Person
The image of the child as capable and competent is a core value. We view children, families and colleagues with dignity. This is a lens of accountability, empathy and self-worth. 

COVENANT/Brit - ברית
Belonging & Commitment – Community
A bound and trusted relationship allows us to unite with others in pursuit of a shared vision. It enables us to grow, take risks, and share with honesty.

The spirit of inquiry within human nature is the drive that aides in reflection and growth. To question, to debate, to interpret, and to communicate are all essential components of the Jewish tradition.

AWAKENING/Hitorerut - התעוררות
When we as adults take the time to slow down, we become more aware of the miracles that exist in every moment, allowing gratitude to flow freely through us. Young children are more apt to wonder, naturally embracing life with exuberance.

REPAIR OF THE WORLD/Tikkun Olam - תיקון עולם
Repairing the world is done with a spirit of generosity and a partnership with families and children to continuously make a difference in our community. There is a sense of responsibility to perform social “acts of kindness” every day.

HOLINESS/Kedusha - קדושה
We envision holiness in terms of sacred time, spaces and intentions. We find holiness at distinct times in the Jewish calendar, such as Shabbat and holidays.  We also unearth holiness in our daily experiences as we observe the interactions of children, listen to their voices, and discover life together.

Totes Middots!

We will also be taking a line from the JCC Maccabi Games and will be honoring campers who exemplify our Jewish values. Campers who go above and beyond will receive a Totes Middots! (Middot is the Hebrew word for character) award as we want to honor campers who have strong values.