Why Choose the JCC for your Event?

Why choose the J for your special event?

On top of our beautiful facility with ample parking, we care about your event. We take pride in our customer service and do everything we can to ensure your event is special, unique, and memorable. 

Need more of a reason? 

When you have your event at the Boulder JCC, you are supporting the JCC community, which provides programs and services for people of all ages and backgrounds gather to connect, exchange ideas, learn, and grow together. 

"Having my wedding at Levin Hall was everything I could have wanted and more. The staff was easy to work with and catered to my needs, the venue was convenient for my out of town guests, and that view of the Flatirons as the sun was setting was magical!"

"Our fundraiser went so smoothly and everyone had such a fantastic time. It felt like because they were a nonprofit, they understood our unique needs and helped to make creative solutions to our issues. We look forward to having many more events at the JCC."