2019 Boulder Jewish Film Festival - Centerpiece "93Queen"

Date: March 19, 2019Time: 6:30 pm

Yehudis Fishman will be honored at the annual Boulder Jewish Film Festival Centerpiece, which features a screening of “93Queen,” the inspiring new documentary about Ruchie Freier, an Orthodox force of nature who has triumphed over male opposition to achieve her goals.

Hasidic women create the first all-female volunteer ambulance corps in New York, led by a female force of nature who defies male authority while respecting tradition.

Don’t ever tell Ruchie Freier that she can’t do something because she is a woman. First she will get mad, then she’ll prove you wrong. And you will love her for it. A surprising look at female empowerment inside the Hasidic community of Brooklyn’s Borough Park, Paula Eiselt’s nuanced feature debut is, above all, a preconception- shattering study in personal tenacity. Ruchie is the charismatic star of the film, and master of her own destiny. The mother of six children and a practicing attorney who earned her law degree at age 40, and the first Hasidic woman to ever hold public office in the U.S., she defies limitations while refusing the mantle of feminist superhero.

Rescheduled to Tuesday, March 19 | 6:30 pm | At the Gordon Gamm Theater | GET YOUR TICKETS HERE