2019 Boulder Jewish Film Festival - "The Interpreter"

Date: March 8, 2019
Time: 3:30 pm

Oscillating between comedy and tragedy, this odd-couple road movie finds two aging men looking for closure from the Holocaust through an unlikely friendship.

An elderly Holocaust survivor played by Jiří Menzel (famed Czech director of “Closely Watched Trains”), clumsily armed with a handgun, arrives at the apartment of a former SS officer he believes responsible for the murder of his parents. Instead, he finds the Nazi he seeks is long dead, but his son is very much alive. Georg is a roguish bon vivant superbly played by Peter Simonischek (“Toni Erdmann”). Bound by their terrible, intertwined legacy, the two strangers are left to ponder which is worse: to be the son of the victim or the son of the perpetrator. Director Martin Sulik performs a deft balancing act in this slyly amusing comedy with moral heft. The moral reckoning at the film’s heart may be left unresolved, but “The Interpreter” is deeply satisfying.

“A Tragicomic Road Movie of Remembrance” - Variety

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