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ACE AT THE J: Engagement Through Cultural Arts

Since it’s founding as an adult Jewish educational organization in 1980, ACE has built an outstanding reputation for excellence in cultural arts programming. Our programs foster social and intellectual engagement, and enhance an appreciation for the restorative power of the arts.

We remain committed to enriching community life by presenting the very best programs in arts, culture and education, always designed to fulfill the JCC’s community-building mission.

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ACE's mission is to provide enlightening and entertaining arts, cultural and educational programs for the Jewish community and the community at large. ACE's arts, culture and educational programs attract all segments of the population, create a gathering place for the full spectrum of the community, and serve as a gateway to the Jewish community.


Since 1982, ACE has been offering classes, cultural events and programs that are open to the entire community. ACE formed a partnership with the newly formed Boulder JCC in 2000, and now functions as an independent department of the BJCC. We remain a separate non-profit organization governed by our own board of directors, while enjoying the support and cooperation of the Boulder JCC and its staff.


Jonathan Lev, President and Executive Director
Elizabeth Barrekette, Secretary
Dana Bondy, Treasurer


Rona Cantor, Evie Cohen, Barbara Trager, Judy Herreid, 
Lenore Kingston, Barbara Neulight, Linda Richtel, Karyn Schad, Nicky Wolman, Marcia Kahn, Jerry Pinsker, Susan Egolf, Roz Squires, Howard Liebowitz, Sid Fox, Amy Cantor


ACE has many opportunities for involvement. If you are interested in working on the programming committee, the Jewish Film Festival committee, the Boulder Jewish Festival committee, or just want tovolunteer at a program, please contact ACE Program Coordinator Jodi Zicklin at


ACE extends profound appreciation for our Founders Circle members whose support enabled us to meet raised expectations for the quality and quantity of cultural arts programming in our beautiful new home.
Through an $1,800, one-time donation, our “founders” demonstrated their confidence in our ability to enhance the excellence of cultural arts programming in our critical first year.


Marilyn Ackerman
Rick Ackerman
Elizabeth Barrekette and Jonathan Steinberg
Erik Bernstein
Laurie and Howard Bernstein
Elaine Brenner
Larry Cohn
Audrey and Andy Franklin
Grace and Gordon Gamm
Stephanie and Alan Greenberg
Francine Lavin Weaver
Roberta and David Levin
Susan Litt
Linda and Mark Loewenstein
Judy and Alan Megibow
Sasha Millstone
Barbara and Irwin Neulight
Jackie and Wayne Seltzer
Gail and Jerry Sloat
Barbara Steinmetz
Cathy Summer and Steve Ellis
Ellen and Josh Taxman
Barbara and Tom Trager
Butch Weaver
Nicky Wolman and David Fulker
Jackie and Mark Wong