Boulder’s Jewish Goat Co-op

Beit Izim

Beit Izim, Boulder’s Jewish Goat Co-op, collectively owns, milks, and cares for a handful of goats that live at the Boulder Jewish Commons. Each week, member families take turns coming to the farm to do their chores. The co-op offers the opportunity to connect with earth and the origins of food, to obtain and consume sustainable, healthy food, to develop an inclusive Jewish community, and to learn about and embody Jewish values through a participatory animal husbandry.  The co-op inspires people to take more sustainable actions, learn more about the Jewish values relevant in their lives, and live a more community-oriented lifestyle.

There are often openings in the co-op. If you are interested in getting involved, please email membership chair, Yael Cohen. Since its inception, the co-op has involved over 65 households as active members and more than 20 children and youth have taken on independent projects and responsibilities related to the co-op.  More than 500 people have come to educational events on the farm, including community farm days, witnessing goat births, and open volunteer days.  Every Jewish institution in Boulder has been represented in Beit Izim participation.

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