Art Exhibit Opening with Sara Sanderson and Gail Folwell

Date: September 27, 2018
Time: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Contact: Jodi ZicklinEmail:

Don't miss our next Art Opening with Sara Sanderson and Gail Folwell! Conversation with the artists at 6:30 pm.

Sara Sanderson is an oil painter based in Boulder, Colorado. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from CU Boulder and Master of Fine Arts from the Pennsylvania Academy of the FIne Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sara has shown her work both nationally and internationally since 2001. For the past few years, her work had focused on the landscape of Colorado including the floods of 2013. Sara has a passion for color, atmosphere and light which can be seen in each of her works. Her paintings act as a record of time in a specific season, event, or moment. In addition to painting, Sara has taught drawing, painting, and design for many years. To learn more about Sara's work, click HERE.

Gail Folwell shares her passions and experiences through sculpture. Gail says, "We can feel and immerse ourselves in an experience simply through what our eyes witness. Victory, laughter, camaraderie, glory, defeat, the pain of loss or celebration of life - these are energies I am drawn to explore. I create from personal experience, calling on the most powerful moments I have witnessed regarding humans and interaction. I create from the heart. My energy is palpable and affecting in resulting sculpture. The monumental work in my portfolio is often commissioned from personal studies. My burning desire is to inspire, teach, and heal with art." To learn more about Gail's work, click HERE.

Thursday, September 27 | 5:30 - 7:30 pm | REGISTER HERE