2019 Boulder Jewish Film Festival Closing Night - "The Mamboniks"

Date: March 17, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm

Closing night at the Dairy on March 17 takes viewers back to the glory days of Latin music in America, when urban Jews went wild for the exotic rhythms of tropical lands. “The Mamboniks” revels in those heady days when Jewish and Latino dancers mingled on the dance floors of Miami Beach, the Catskills, and Havana – and pays tribute to a handful of irrepressible seniors still crazy for mambo! Followed by a mambo dance party. 

Its Yiddish-inflected title refers to Jews who went crazy for the Cuban fusion of European melodies and African rhythms known as mambo – and are still swaying to the Latin beat.

Why did Jewish people fall head over heels in love with Latin dance in the years directly following World War II, earning them the nickname, “mamboniks?” For proof, one need to look no further than popularity of the album “Bongos and Bagels.” At a time when America was racially segregated, and anti-Semitism was commonplace, two cultures, Jewish and Latino, met on the dance floors of New York, the Catskills, Miami Beach, and sultry Havana. While chronicling the rise and fall of mambo itself, this high-spirited film spotlights a lovable, somewhat zany group of Florida retirees who remain unrepentant mamboniks.

Sunday, March 17 | 6:30 pm | At the Gordon Gamm Theater | GET YOUR TICKETS HERE