2019 Boulder Jewish Film Festival - "Who Will Write Our History"

Date: March 11, 2019
Time: 6:30 pm

Producer Nancy Spielberg and director Roberta Grossman, the team behind “Above and Beyond” (BJFF 2016), return with an inspirational story of humanity and heroism in the Warsaw Ghetto.

“Will the Germans write our history, or will we?” That was the question Emanuel Ringelblum posed to the 60 members of the Oyneg Shabes group, persuading them to leave behind a record of their unimaginable life in the Warsaw Ghetto. Indeed, the resulting collection of photographs, diary entries, smuggling accounts, newspapers, and Nazi pronouncements – hidden and retrieved after the war – is a priceless time-capsule, opened for the first time in this astonishing film. The members of Oyneg Shabes risked their lives to create a comprehensive archive of life in the ghetto, “to meld thousands of individual testimonies into a collective portrait.” Director Roberta Grossman – “Seeing Allred”; “Above and Beyond” (BJFF 2016); “Hava Nagila” (BJF 2014) - reveals the vision, ingenuity, and courage of these women and men, and the inspiring vision of their leader, a community organizer, historian, public intellectual, and eternal optimist.

In Memory of George Lichter.

Monday, March 11 | 6:30 pm | At the Gordon Gamm Theater | GET YOUR TICKETS HERE