2019 Boulder Jewish Film Festival - "The Museum"

Date: March 15, 2019
Time: 2:00 pm

Explore the Israeli soul through the galleries, storerooms, staff, and visitors of Tel Aviv’s astounding Israel Museum, the nation’s most important - and illuminating - cultural institution.

What does the famed Israel Museum tell us about the Jewish experience, the Jewish people, and their homeland? As it turns out, the museum holds invaluable clues to the character, psyche, values, and aspirations of a nation. The treasures of Jewish civilization and Israeli culture are beautifully displayed by director Ran Tal, who spent 18 months observing the daily routine of the museum at the time of its 50th anniversary. She also displays the people who value them - curators, artists, guards, volunteers, soldiers, students, art lovers, and others. More than a mere repository of aesthetics and ideas, the museum is a living organism central to our understanding of its complex society.

Thursday, March 14 | 1:30 pm | At the Boedecker Theater | GET YOUR TICKETS HERE

Friday, March 15 | 2 pm | At the Boedecker Theater | GET YOUR TICKETS HERE