Hybrid: Becoming A Soulful Parent

Date: September 15, 2020
Time: 5:15 pm - 6:45 pm

For Parents of Teens between the ages of 13-18
Facilitated by Susan Rona and Shari Blake Schnee

This program will be in person at the Boulder JCC and is limited to 8 participants.
We will meet outdoors (when possible) and follow all of the Boulder JCC's
Health and Safety Protocols

Join us as we come together to support each other and learn more about ourselves as parents. Susan and Shari will utilize resources from the Ayeka Association on "Becoming a Soulful Parent" and The Blessing of B- by parenting expert Wendy Mogel, PhD., and Jewish texts. Together, we will explore questions such as "Who am I as a parent? What makes me uniquely able to raise my child?" as opposed to the questions we are used to discussing such as "Am I doing this right? Will my child succeed? What more should I do?"

For more information, please email Shari Blake Schnee at

The “Becoming A Soulful Parent” course was designed by Dasee Berkowitz from the Ayeka Association.

"This class has provided perhaps one of the most empowering perspectives on parenting than any I have experienced before. Finally there is a parenting class that is not about the "right way" to parent and how to do it correctly. This one is about understanding our own parenting choices. We looked at and considered the circumstances, contexts and values that come together to influence how we parent our own children. Of course none of what we do as parents is perfect; it never is. And parenting is an ever-evolving practice. But with this class we take the space and time to more fully appreciate the thoughtfulness and purpose we put into our parenting styles and choices. With my completion of this six week program I feel more confident and resolute in my capabilities to parent my children, even as I continue to try to do it better from moment to moment." -Previous participant

Tuesdays, September 8 - October 13 | 5:15 - 6:45 pm | $60 per person | REGISTER HERE