Charoset Stories

Thank you to all who came to participate in our Whole Foods Charoset Challenge. Congratulations to Kristen Solomon who won the competition!

If you'd like to view pictures from the event, check out our Facebook Album.

We wanted to share some stories from our participants:

 "This recipe originated from a dear friend’s recipe.  I made some adjustments to get it just right for my family’s taste buds "
- Amy Fisk

 "My mother grew up in a Jewish household of Ashkenazi descent. My father is a Jew by Choice. Despite my father having had no Jewish food traditions from his childhood, he would often look up and make multiple different Charoset recipes from different communities all over the world. My mother insisted we have the "traditional" Charoset. On our table it was normal to have at least 3, sometimes 5 different Charoset dishes. However, the one I offer you today is my mother's recipe, one which she adapted from her side of the family, originally Ukrainian and Polish Jews."
- Farmer Becca

 "I like pecans.  Jonathan’s grandmother had a pecan tree in her front yard so he has a warm and fuzzy feeling about pecans.  I thought their buttery flavor might be a nice twist."
- Elizabeth Barrekette

 "The Story:  My parents flew in to meet me in Moab, UT two Passovers ago. I brought along these "fruit and nut bites," which my mom called charoset. I thought, "Hmm, I guess so."

The Pitch:  Need more energy to build pyramids? Plan on traveling in the desert for the next 40 years? Eat CHAROS-ENERGY, a wholesome snack made with dried fruit, nuts, and a special protein addition. Maybe it will give you enough energy to stand up to Pharaoh and fight for your freedom!"
- Emily Levine

 "My brother has a Kosher catering company in NYC called Michael Scott Eevents, and they make all sorts of interesting Jewish foods. I bounced my idea of ingredients off his chef, and she gave me the suggestion to use sparkling apple cider rather than sweet red wine. Her and I like to compare recipes all the time, so their company uses some of mine, and this now may become another of their recipes for the passover seders they cater."
- Lisa Shanken