Boulderís Jewish Chicken Co-op

Boulder’s Jewish chicken co-op, collectively owns and cares for around 25 chickens housed at Milk and Honey Farm at the J. Each week the members take care of the chickens and in exchange receive a share of the eggs laid.  The members also engage in management decisions, which often revolve around the best practices for animal and earth care, or how to blend the Jewish calendar year with the animals’ agricultural cycles. The co-op offers the opportunity to connect with earth and the origins of food, to obtain and consume sustainable, healthy food, to develop an inclusive Jewish community, and to learn about and embody Jewish values through a participatory animal husbandry. The co-op inspires people to take more sustainable actions, learn more about the Jewish values relevant in their lives, and live a more community-oriented lifestyle.

The co-op often has shift openings. If you are interested in getting involved, please email Becca Gan Levy. The chicken co-op was started in 2010 by a passionate group of Jewish people in Boulder, who wanted to see the aging farm infrastructure at the Boulder Jewish Commons put to good use. Today the cooperative continues and has members from all Jewish denominations in Boulder.

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