Creative Arts at Cherryvale Day Camp

Creative Arts Philosophy at Cherryvale Day Camp

Arts and Crafts

At Cherryvale Day Camp, we aim to make our Arts program a meaningful and valuable experience for all of our campers. For this reason we believe in art projects that are made of recycled or re-used material. We aim to help our campers learn the real meaning of what these words mean to help them to see the value in reducing consumption and to make the connection between art and sustainability. This also allows them to use creativity freely and see the world in a different lens. 

We maintain a sustainable approach for our Arts and Crafts program. There will be some one-off projects for those campers that are particularly interested in Arts and Crafts, however we will aim to have one major project per week for our campers, that they spend multiple days working on until completion. 

Creative Arts and Theater

Expressing your creative side comes out in many ways. Cherryvale Day Camp offers a fun, engaging creative arts program, consisting of theater, improvisation, and music. Not only do these activities hone communication and public speaking skills, but they also stimulate fast thinking, engagement with ideas, and get our campers comfortable with taking risks. With our creative arts program we aim to foster the 4 C's of improv:

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

  • Collaboration

  • Communication


In addition to all of this, Cherryvale Day Camp will have access to the Boulder JCC's brand new, state-of-the-art pottery studio with a kiln! We will bring in a specialist who will help to teach the campers about the process from clay and glazing to finished product.

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