Past Exhibits

Art Exhibition with Karen Scharer and Jane Guthridge

Although Karen Scharer was born to artist parents and showed some early interest in drawing and painting, she did not give in to the urge to paint seriously until the mid-1980s. Karen graduated from the University of Montana in 1975 with a degree in Natural Resource Management, a reflection of the love of the outdoors that she learned from her father at an early age. In 1976, a job with the Forest Service took her from Montana to Boise, Idaho and eventually led to a job with IBM. In 1985, Karen married her husband Al, and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was there that she began to paint, with tremendous teaching and support from some remarkable artists, and she quickly began showing and selling her work. In 1991, Karen and Al moved to Colorado. After 17 very educational years, she left IBM in 1997 to devote her time to her art. Today Karen lives and work outside Estes Park, Colorado where her studio is surrounded by thousands of acres of National Forest. From her windows she can see amazing sunrises, and watch beavers and ducks going about their day on the lake below. Karen is truly grateful to be living it this way. To learn more about Karen's work, click HERE.

Karen Scharer is represented by Space Gallery. 


Jane Guthridge is a Colorado artist known for her work in a variety of translucent materials exploring the transformative effects of light and nature. Her move from the midwest to the abundant sunlight of Colorado inspires her work.

Ms. Guthridge has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions internationally. Her work was included in “Swept Away, Translucence, Transparence, Transcendence in Contemporary Encaustic” at the Cape Cod Museum of Art in 2013 and the Hunterdon Art Museum in 2014, and “Pattern” at the Attleboro Arts Museum in 2016. Her installation “Reflected Light” was exhibited in 2016 at the Center for Visual Arts in “Colorado Women in Abstraction”, curated by Michael Paglia, art critic and author of several books on abstraction. She was awarded artist residencies at Jentel Artist Residency and RMCAD. She was honored as the “2008 Artist of Recognition” by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, and with the generous sponsorship of The Kittredge Foundation she represented the United States in “The International Biennale of Contemporary Art” in Florence, Italy in 2003 and 2005. Her work is contained in the collections of Charles Schwab, Colorado State Bank and Trust, First National Bank of Colorado, Four Seasons, Kaiser Permanente, Raymond James, Texas State University and the U.S. Department of State, among others. To learn more about Jane's work, click HERE.

Jane Guthridge is represented by Space Gallery. 

Art Exhibition with Stephen Collector

Stephen Collector was born in Virginia in 1951 and has resided in Colorado since 1971. He began a career as a freelance photographer in 1975. His photographs appear in award winning books including Cowboy: The Enduring Myth of the Wild West, 1980 and Law of the Range: Portraits of Old-Time Brand Inspectors, 1992. Those outstanding photographs were exhibited in many shows including the Wyoming State Museum, the Arvada Center and the Dairy Center for the Arts in addition to the publication Persimmon Hill. He has been awarded an artist in residency at Mesa Verde National Park in 2010 and the Frank Waters Foundation in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico, in 2012. He published the books, Journeys to Ancient America, Goddess, and nudes: 1978-2016. Collector freelances for a number of magazines and periodicals, among them: Esquire, Men’s Journal, German Geo, Outside, Wilderness, Fast Company, Forbes, and the High Country News. His work has appeared in numerous museums and galleries throughout the West. To learn more about Stephen's work, click HERE.

Art Exhibition with Jodie Roth Cooper and Alli Gerrish

Jodie is an artist and designer, currently working and residing in Denver, Colorado. He earned his MArch from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI, in 2013. Born in London in 1980, he moved to Saratoga Springs, NY, in 1999 to attend Skidmore College and has lived, worked, and traveled in the United States ever since. Jodie’s undergraduate study was in metalsmithing, and 3D modeling.

The scale and scope of his work has increased over the years and his focus is now on sculpture and installation art along with architectural design.

Although a great deal of satisfaction is derived from the design of functional objects and elements Jodie is most excited by blurring the lines of art and design in order to create elements, that not only serve a pedestrian function, but also serve to create memorable experience, whether physical or emotive. Jodie’s intention is to create an experience for others through his work and not impose a narrative. To learn more about Jodie's work, click HERE.

Jodie Roth Cooper is represented by Space Gallery.

Alli Gerrish is a nearly-native Coloradan with roots in New England and fond memories of a decade spent in the gorgeous hills of San Francisco. Her professional life began in advertising with a career in broadcast production and voiceover work, before moving to back to Boulder full time in 2002 to pursue this unexpected new chapter as a painter. Drawing and studying since childhood, she had not previously integrated her art into the commercial world, but feels it has been a tremendous gift and a way to take the adversity in life and transform it into a bounty of opportunity.

Her work is about bringing the subconscious mind into the unplanned and spontaneous practice of action painting. She utilizes pure abstraction as well as calligraphic or figural representations to express the duality ever present in this world.

Alli Gerrish has studied at the Academy of Art San Francisco, the Classical Art Academy, Naropa University, The Arts Student League of Denver as well as Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Her work has been shown at galleries throughout the state and is in public and private collections throughout the country. To learn more about Alli's work, click HERE.

Art Exhibition with Will Day

Born in New York City, Will Day lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and the experiences of his journeys have inspired him as a person and an artist. Primarily self-taught, his interest in painting intensified during his travels throughout North Africa, South America, and Europe. His fine art training has consisted of studies in Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland.

Will has an inherent ability to create bold, abstract images on canvas – the majority being large-scale in format. His art balances texture, color and layering into cohesive and appealing images. He works with his canvasses on the floor so that he can rotate and apply materials from different vantage points. Will has a disciplined approach to each painting with the goal of producing original works that are spontaneous and resplendent. “While all the paintings are abstract, I try to create numerous shapes and forms that are visible. Several of the paintings depict forms of nature, such as flowers or landscapes,” he explains. “My ultimate goal is to fuse three or four colors in each painting to project a strong, motivating energy to the viewer.” To learn more about Will's work, click HERE.

Art Exhibition with Ian McLaughlin

Ian McLaughlin was born 1979 in Winfield, Illinois, and grew up in Chicago. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting/Drawing from the Kansas City Art Institute, 2002. He apprenticed with one of Chicago’s premiere Architectural Arts and Design studios and studied visual arts at the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

Over the years, he’s been lucky enough to work with amazing people, projects, and institutions in the visual arts world, including Marc Chagall’s “Four Seasons” restoration project, The Chicago Cultural Center’s Tiffany stained glass dome restoration project, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art, and Northwestern University’s Block Museum of Art. He has shown in Chicago, Kansas City, Detroit, and is exhibited regularly in Denver. His work lives in a number of permanent collections in the Denver area. He lives and works in Boulder, Colorado. To learn more about Ian's work, click HERE.

Ian McLaughlin is represented by Space Gallery. 

Art Exhibition with Gail Folwell and Kelton Osborn

Statement from Gail Folwell:

I share my passions and experiences through sculpture. We can feel and immerse ourselves in an experience simply through what our eyes witness. Victory, laughter, camaraderie, glory, defeat, the pain of loss or celebration of life - these are energies I am drawn to explore. I create from personal experience, calling on the most powerful moments I have witnessed regarding humans and interaction. I create from the heart. My energy is palpable and affecting in resulting sculpture. The monumental work in my portfolio is often commissioned from personal studies. My burning desire is to inspire, teach, and heal with art.

To learn more about Gail's work, click HERE.

Statement from Kelton Osborn:

Early in life I had a penchant for discovering how things worked and were put together. I rarely utilized the instructions that were included with models and toys. I have always been a visual learner and enjoyed figuring out how things are made. With both my parents being scientists, I approach situations with the idea of discovery. Kelton is currently represented by the Michael Warren Contemporary.
Learn more about Kelton and his work HERE
Kelton Osborn is represented by Michael Warren Gallery.