Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about renting space at the Boulder JCC? Hopefully you can find your answer here, but if not, please feel welcome to reach out to

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are currently accepting rental and event inquiries. We are following local and state safety guidelines in addition to the Boulder JCC's Health & Safety Protocols. Please contact for more information on available formats for your event, including "Virtual from the J," hybrid (in-person and online), and in person. 

List of In-House Furniture and Equipment available for your event at the Boulder JCC HERE

Do you have to be Jewish or a member of the Boulder JCC to rent space at the Boulder JCC?
No. You do not need to be a member of the JCC or Jewish to rent space at our facility. Read our third-party rental policy HERE.

Is the Boulder JCC open and welcome to all?
Yes. the Boulder JCC welcomes people of any race, ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, political affiliation, age, religion, body shape, size, ability, or immigration status.  

Does all food at the JCC have to be kosher?
No. Rentals/private functions that are not sponsored by the JCC may serve any food of their choosing, unless there are unique circumstances that do not allow it. All JCC sponsored events, will be kosher sensitive (no pork or shellfish). Our catering kitchen has Va'ad approved equipment and appliances, that can be kashered, allowing us the ability to be a Va'ad approved Kosher supervised kitchen. Any client who requires the catering kitchen to be Kosher will have that option.    

What spaces do you have available and what amenities are included?
To see a chart of all available spaces for rent, square footage, amenities, and more, click HERE.

Do I need an event planner?
We want you to have the best possible event. From experience, we have learned that weddings benefit tremendously from an event planner's expert guidance. Therefore, weddings at the BJCC require an event planner. Other types of events absolutely benefit from an event planner's assistance, but it is not required. 

Does my event need a dance floor?
If your event has dancing, a dance floor is required. The JCC has a dance floor in-house available for rent that matches our main event space. You are not required to use ours. You are welcome to rent from an outside vendor. We will coordinate delivery, setup, and pick up with your chosen vendor at no additional charge. 

Where do I get linens for my event?
Linens, e.g., tablecloths, napkins, are typically coordinated with your caterer. They will add linens to your rentals order for dinnerware, flatware, glassware, tents, decor, etc.  

Does the JCC sell alcohol? Does my organization need a Special Event Permit from the City of Boulder?
The JCC does not directly provide or sell alcohol. However, you are welcome to have alcohol at your event. In some cases, a Special Event Permit from the City of Boulder may be required. See below.

Not required: Family/friend-oriented events with alcohol that do not include fundraising or selling, e.g., mitzvahs, weddings, etc. and that are private and not advertised to the public (including social media sites such as Eventbrite, Nextdoor, Meetup and Facebook) usually do not require a permit.

Required: If the event with alcohol (cash bar or gratis) is advertised to the public or involves the direct or indirect selling of alcohol (cash bar, drink tickets, open bar included with event ticket price, etc.), then a permit is required. The City of Boulder has the final say on which events require a permit. 

Special event permits are granted to non-profit organizations. You must have a meeting (virtual now available!) with the City of Boulder Licensing Division no less than 30 days prior to your event and you must call to schedule your appointment no less than 40 days prior to your event date. Service of alcohol for permitted events must be provided by a TiPS or other responsible alcohol vendor certified person(s). 

Important link: Special Event Liquor Permit page HERE